Playtech’s 21+3 Blackjack now live at Casino777

Casino777 is always on the early adopters, whenever Playtech creates new logo-casino-777games.

The software developer has a privilege partnership with this casino and will offer exclusive deals every now and then.

Those who have an account are therefore able to play these games before others do, in real money format or on virtual currency. The thrills of the game are just as intense and the emotions are particularly intense when you games are introduced.

On September 1, the world’s leading omni-channel gaming software supplier has announced the release of a new game. It goes by the name of 21+3™ Blackjack side bet that it is inspired by the popular table game. Blackjack is played routinely land-based casinos as well as over the Internet and requires not only light but also skill. The rules don’t differ all that much, so those who are familiar with the classic titles will have no problem in playing this one.


For starters, the game will only be available in the casino section to be played against the random number generator. Since this is only for fairness, it should be a problem for those who were hoping to play against real dealers. It’s only a matter of time until this transition will be made, so the right course of action is to wait and enjoy it in this format.

21+3 Blackjack side bet use a couple of new rules and just as the name suggests, there centered on the side bet that players make.

The grand total of the cards used is still the most important one, but now their color also matters. Players can trigger better winning combinations and collect a bonus if they make a certain hand using cards of the same suit. This will make the game more dynamic and also adds a little bit of uncertainty in the game that many regarded as too predictable. The fact that they will be able to bet even more money and move up the stakes faster, with turn this type of blackjack into a very passionate affair.

Depending on the winning combinations to suit of the cards on display, players can win as much as 100 times the side bet. It’s a lot of money and if this happens, it will make little difference if the original that was lost or won.

Casino777 has a fully fledged and vibrant casino section where players can compete against real dealers. With all these manpower available, it is only fair to assume that this new type of blackjack will soon be available to play against these highly trained professionals.