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When people hear about poker, their mind takes them to a particular game and Texas hold ‘em is the one that rings familiar to most of them.

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This is by far the most popular game worldwide and the one featuring TV shows and movies, so it comes as no surprise that it is preferred by newcomers.


There are other options for those who open a real money account and the best poker rooms are also offering Omaha, Caribbean Stud Poker, draw poker and other distinct games.

Texas Hold’em

Tens of thousands of people enjoy this game over the Internet and also at live tables, with some of the biggest and best paying tournaments being dedicated to it.


A maximum of 10 players can sit down at the table and the winner is the last one standing, or the one who has the better hand after the river was dealt.

Betting on each street is a key mechanic of this game and the ones who know how to tone up and down their aggressiveness are going to prevail.


Omaha is another popular game of poker and it is played in a very similar manner to Texas hold ‘em, but the difference is that players have four hole cards.

This results in more possible combinations and players need to factor in additional elements when betting, because the risks of miscalculating their chances are greater. In the end, the winner miss to have the strongest hand while using two cards from the hand and three revealed on the board.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean stud poker is played mostly in land-based casinos but it has lost its traction over the Internet, given the fact that it has a certain house edge.

Players need to beat the house and this is never a tempting proposition because the dealer will start as favorites before each hand. Participants can play in the straightforward manner and hope that their hand is stronger than the dealer or buy another card by exchanging it for the worst in their hand.

Draw Poker or Closed Poker

One of the game ganres that is hard to find online is draw poker, but back in the day it was the most popular one worldwide.

There are several games that qualify for this title, with razz being probably the most popular version, as it is a simple to comprehend variation of seven card stud.