Cosmik Casino to benefit from Microgaming’s Quickfire and Kiron Interactive deal

Cosmik Casino is an online casino that keeps an open mind to lucrativelogocosmik partnerships and doesn’t mind shaking hands with additional software developers.

This attitude has benefited them greatly in the past and there is no reason for them to change the strategy 2016.

Meanwhile, most of the games are provided by Microgaming, a leading software developer that is also the driving force behind the Quickfire platform.

Virtually all the new games released by them can be played on this platform, which is fully compatible with the modern smartphones and tablets.

By removing all the arbitrary boundaries between desktop computers and mobile devices, it makes it easier for players to stay on the move. At the same time, they don’t dwell on their success because even if you are on the right track, you will eventually get run over if you simply sit there and do nothing.


In order to keep the dream alive and offer the same quality service to its customers, Microgaming recently signed an agreement with Kiron interactive. The company is one of the latest suppliers that will provide games to the Quickfire platform and the expertise of these guys goes beyond slot machines.

Granted they have a keen eye for details and beauty, providing some of the best looking video slots, Kiron is also an active promoter of virtual sports betting.

They share the enthusiasm for mobile gambling and are working closely with several land-based platforms, so they can provide educated advice. At the first glance, the partnership with this company is not going to have direct consequences for the online casino players.

What really happens is that the addition of an experienced partner will help Microgaming introduced new games to its online network, including original titles that were previously available only at brick-and-mortar casinos.

Cosmik Casino players will soon discover the advantages of being the first to play new games, instead of waiting for the latest titles to be introduced.

The newly launched BetMan Online RGS is going to be up and running quickly, so players are entitled to expect sports games and virtual racing offers.

Given their impressive track record and the success with other online casinos, it is there to assume that their online proposition will be welcomed with open arms.

Representatives of both companies expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership, with the Co-CEO Kiron Interactive making the announcement.

The company he represents will benefit greatly from the partnership with Quickfire, as the online platform can be used as a springboard to success.

By reaching new customers and meeting them half way with games that were previously unavailable over the Internet, it will provide the much-needed alternative.

No compromises are being made and by using only cutting-edge technology when developing the games, both their direct customers and Internet players should be satisfied.

Tom Chamberlain who acts as the head of Quickfire at Microgaming also welcomed Kiron Interactive to their more than 20 partners.